Discema quenches thirst in Valencia with the Atego

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Every moment has its own taste.

Discema supplies more than 8500 customers in and around Valencia with up to 500 different drinks. Thanks to its high payload and its durability, the Atego is the perfect choice.

"Close your eyes and think of your favourite drink. No matter what it is, we have it in stock. If not, we will get hold of it straight away." That's the attitude which has helped Discema to be successful. The company was founded more than 30 years ago by Rafael Olivas, Managing Director, and Enrique Torregrosa, President and CEO. At the beginning, they only sold beer, later also water. Today, they provide a total range of 500 items, of which beer and water are still the biggest sellers.

The company is continually adapting its product range: as soon as a new trend has been identified, the corresponding manufacturer or importer is contacted and the product is included in the range. In the past three decades, the company has taken over numerous agencies with exclusive marketing rights; for example, in 1995 they signed an agreement with the Heineken Group to market the manufacturer's products in Valencia. Discema has 12,500 square metres of warehouse space at its disposal.

The majority of customers are in the hotel and catering business but the company also supplies small food stores. We have a total of over 8500 customers in and around Valencia. Sixty-five of our own trucks supply them with deliveries on a daily basis. "We have sales representatives who have covered a certain area since the company was founded and have a very close relationship to the customer", says Rafael Olivas. Just over a year ago, Discema introduced online ordering.

The company's fleet doesn't have to cover long distances but it must be able to transport as much as possible in one trip. That's why Discema needs vehicles with a high payload such as the Atego, three of which have just been purchased. "We use this model for urban regions and the busy coastal areas", says Enrique Torregrosa stressing the vehicle's image as an added advantage.

Due to the short distances, the durability of the trucks is correspondingly high. "We only purchase rugged vehicles because, on average, we drive them for ten years", stresses Olivas. The drivers call at thirty-five to forty customers per day. The Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated transmission, the low entrance and the agility of the Atego all play their part in simplifying the work considerably.

As regards how the industry has developed, both bosses confirm that up until 2007 more drinks were consumed on the premises of restaurants and bars than at home. The difficult economic situation then turned this situation around – until two years ago a shift started to take place again. "In 2014, people began to drink more in restaurants and bars again. We trust that this trend will gain strength during 2016", says Torregrosa.

Versatile on the way to the customer. With its compact dimensions, the Atego is perfectly suited for distributing drinks in towns.

Is it really possible that the consumers change their behaviour so regularly? Both nod and Olivas gives the example of tonic water: "Five years ago there was only one brand on the market. Today, we offer six different brands."

Apart from beer and water, Discema's product range mainly consists of juices, lemonades, energy drinks, milk, wine, sparkling wine, coffee, tea and spirits. They even have their own brand of wine: "Señorío de Mestalla" which bears the Utiel-Requena designation of origin.

The company bosses are convinced that there's a right time for everything and that every moment has its own taste. And how does success taste? "Sweet", they reply with a laugh.

Rafael Olivas, Discema, S. A.
E-Mail: rafael.olivas@discema.com

Photos: Begoña Tremps

Here's to success! Everything started with beer and water for Discema – today, Enrique Torregrosa, President and CEO, and Rafael Olivas, Managing Director, offer any kind of drink which takes your fancy.

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