Safety pays: Actros customer Weck+Poller from Zwickau

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Safety first.

Since November, the fitment of an advanced emergency braking system and a lane departure warning system has been mandatory by EU law for most trucks. Trucks with the three-pointed star have long since been able to comply with these requirements. Active Brake Assist 3 can do more than stipulated. “This pays off,” say the management of Weck+Poller.

Weck+Poller driver Holger Mothes.

It’s drizzling as Holger Mothes drives his Actros 2545 on the A6 motorway in the direction of Heilbronn. He spots the traffic jam near the services area Hohenlohe, so he slows down the drawbar combination. Out of nowhere, a car cuts in ahead of his truck and slams its brakes. Even before Mothes can react, Active Brake Assist 3 (ABA 3) warns the driver and immediately activates the truck’s brakes. The 40-tonne rig comes to a standstill just a few centimetres behind the vehicle ahead that was violating traffic regulations. Holger Mothes: “I wouldn’t have managed that without the support of ABA 3. Brilliant invention!”

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