RoadStars goes “český”

RoadStars in Czech

New RoadStars market: the Czech Republic.

RoadStars is delighted to announce it has a new market: the Czech Republic is the latest member of the RoadStars family and here we shall present a few insights into the specialities of this beautiful country.


A country as if from a fairytale.

"Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old." – a quote from Czech-born Franz Kafka, which is a perfect match for the first impressions of this country. Anyone who travels through the Czech Republic with open eyes will discover that the country has many wonderful places. In particular Prague, its capital, rouses the charm of a past age with its magical squares and attractive streets – it is not without reason that it is known as "the golden city".

If you have the time for a short detour, you should leave the motorway and take a short drive through the villages. Very often, the roads follow small rivers, passing innumerable castles and palaces. These fabulous surroundings are probably also the reason why most fairytale films are shot here. A detour is definitely worth it. The Czech Republic is also a popular destination in winter. Every year, the country's snow-covered mountains attract numerous winter fans to the beautiful ski resorts.

Furthermore, the Czech Republic is the home of beer. Its inhabitant drink around 140 l of beer per head each year. As a result they are clearly at the top of the European ranking list.

The country's road system is well-developed and connected to the European road network. The connections between the country's various regions is also very good.

Veronika Galkina/
Veronika Galkina/

Toll charges and an obligatory toll sticker in the Czech Republic.

There is a toll to pay for the use of some motorways and arterial routes. Vehicles with a permissible gross vehicle weight under 3.5 t must display a toll sticker in a prominent place on the windscreen in order to use these roads. Anyone who drives a vehicle over 3.5 t on a toll road requires a so-called Premid – this is an electronic toll system that is automatically registered by toll booths. An acoustic signal informs the driver that a toll charge will be debited as the vehicle passes through a toll booth.

Parking and no-stopping restrictions in Prague.

Various different rules apply in Prague. Parking on interrupted yellow lines at the side of the road or on blue markings on the road is prohibited. Absolutely no stopping at any time applies when there is a continuous yellow line at the side of the road. Furthermore, there are various parking zones differentiated by their colour:

  • Blue zone: residents and persons with a company located here and a valid parking ticket may park here
  • Orange zone: parking for a maximum of 2 hours, subject to a fee
  • Green zone: parking for up to 6 hours, subject to a fee

Facts about the Czech Republic.

  • In the Czech Republic absolutely no alcohol is tolerated at the wheel of a vehicle
  • Dipped-beam headlights are obligatory: dipped-beam headlights must be switched on when driving at any time of the day
  • AutofahIn the Czech Republic car drivers must carry a set of replacement bulbs for their vehicle
    (This does not apply to vehicles with neon, xenon or LED lights)
  • At zebra crossings trams have right of way
  • In the Czech Republic houses have 2 house numbers
  • Flashing lights at railway crossings: many railway crossings are equipped with white flashing lights. These indicate that the system is in operation. If these lights flash red alternately, then this is to warn that a train is approaching

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Unless otherwise stated, photos: Jan Chaloupka

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