Did you know …? – First steps on RoadStars


First steps on RoadStars.

Would you always like to be kept up-to-date about the latest, most exciting Mercedes-Benz Trucks topics? Then why not make the most of the free registration for the RoadStars Portal where you can experience a good deal of exciting and entertaining activities first-hand. Create your own profile, upload photos to your own photo album and use all of our social features. There's even some exclusive material available for registered users after registration.

Not yet a member?

We'll happily explain the registration process for becoming an active part of the community: move the mouse over the Login button at the top-right of the screen and the login window will open. Click on "Register now" to register simply, quickly and free-of-charge. Thereafter, you'll be taken to the registration form.

Registration Form.

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Here you can find out more about the Social Login.


In order to register for RoadStars and enjoy a range of diverse functions, such as exclusive content, please fill in the following form:

User name.

The user name is your stepping stone into RoadStars and will only be used for your login.  Enter this together with your password in order to log in to RoadStars.

The user name must contain at least 5 characters. The following characters are allowed: a-z (lower case)

  • A-Z (upper case)
  • 0-9 (numbers)
  • . (full stop)
  • - (hyphen/minus sign)
  • _ (underscore)

Spaces, special characters and umlauts are not permitted.


The password must be entered twice for security purposes.

The password must contain at least 8 characters. The following characters are allowed:a-z (lower case)

  • A-Z (upper case)
  • 0-9 (numbers)
  • . (full stop)
  • - (hyphen)
  • _ (underscore)
  • § (paragraph sign)
  • $ (dollar sign)
  • & (ampersand)
  • # (hash sign)
  • + (plus sign)

Spaces and umlauts are not permitted.

Public name.

Each RoadStars member bears a so-called public name. This is the name under which your profile will be shown, e.g. when you comment on an article.

The public name is usually your first name and your surname, which you entered during the registration process. You can edit this in your profile page at any time.

Complete registration.

After confirming the data protection information and the terms and conditions of usage, this section also allows you to subscribe to the RoadStars Newsletter. Once the confirmation email has been sent to the email address with which you registered, all you need to do is click on the link to confirm the registration. After this, you're ready to start using the service.

Sign up for our RoadStars Newsletter.

Sign up for our RoadStars Newsletter and always stay up to date on current and exciting topics related to Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

Register now!

Already a member?

Then you can log in using your user name and password. The login field will then be replaced by a profile link and the Log out button. Use the profile link to access your profile.

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