Drive more efficiently, build more efficiently.

During development and construction of the Arocs a whole host of technical measures was implemented, and they pursue only one aim: more efficiency. In concrete terms: less consumption and lower costs. From the first day onwards. And over the entire period of use.

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BlueEfficiency Power

BlueEfficiency Power. Save fuel. Help to reduce the impact on the environment.

Along with the new Arocs lots of innovative solutions which significantly reduce consumption and CO2 emissions are coming to the road. The basis for these is formed by BlueEfficiency Power from Mercedes-Benz Trucks – technologies and services which help to save fuel and thus to reduce the impact on the environment.

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Fuel Consumption

More power, less consumption.

Noticeably reduced consumption – without making any compromises where robustness, power or endurance are concerned. The new Arocs shows how this is possible.

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Overview of Consumption-Reducing Measures

Overview of consumption-reducing measures.

When developing the Arocs all efforts were focused on reducing fuel consumption.

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Repair, Maintenance, overall Costs

Extra efficiency. When it comes to maintenance and repair, too.

A robust, repair- and maintenance-friendly design, an increased operating life for many of the components and long, load-dependent maintenance intervals as standard – and on request services with which you can further optimise the already low repair and maintenance costs.

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Ease of Body Mounting

The Arocs. A colleague whose skills you can build on.

From ordering to mounting and connecting to programming – with the Arocs a seamless process is designed to make body mounting particularly straightforward. Meaning that you get your vehicle back ready to enter service quickly and cost effectively.

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Ease of Body Mounting - Frame Overhangs

Frame overhangs and end cross members.

Huge variability.

Factory-fitted frame overhangs which can be selected in 300 mm increments and the end cross member which can be moved in 50 mm increments (up to a maximum of 300 mm overall) increase ease of body mounting and reduce mounting costs.

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Please note that the images and information shown here have an editorial status of June 2013. The images shown are only examples and do not necessarily reflect the actual or current state of the original vehicles. For further information, please contact your Mercedes-Benz dealership.